Sunderland Performance with Maestro Carlos Copello

After the intense La Virtuta, Misterio Tango Festival performance, Carlos Copello gave me some very special opportunities. Should I have known this was about to come around, I wouldn’t have believed it. But you know, sometimes you win the lottery in life. Sometimes, there are things in life that are incredibly and amazingly “Dreams coming true”. And sometimes, all of it comes at you, all at once.
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Performance at “La Catedral del Tango” Sin Rumbo Milonga!

March 28th marks one year since the US Tango Championships that Laurent and I participated in. One year ago, we were working so hard, rehearsing night and day to compete in both Salon and Stage categories. We were very determined, and we were working around our schedules to do our best. Tomas and Gimena were there supporting us and pushing us forward. Angel and Julie were like our guardians, as we practiced hours at the Tango Room. We would train at the gym and rehearse, and rush to a restaurant afterwards to get food into our starving bodies. Good times, when everything was about passion, blood, tears and sweat. Never would I have imagined myself one year later in Buenos Aires. If we focus on the present and live fully, you really never know what life has in store…!  Continue reading