Emotional, Performing with Maestro Carlos Copello

Very emotional.


I had an amazing opportunity to perform with the maestro Carlos Copello this past Sunday night in the Misterio Tango Festival’s closing milonga at La Viruta.


The opportunity came about on Wednesday night when he suddenly messaged me to call him. He then asked me whether I’m available on Sunday night to perform with him. I didn’t quite understand what he meant and he gave me the details of what it was. I wasn’t expecting this big news and my heart started pounding. I told him I’d think about it and I’d let him know within the hour.


The truth was I was scared to death. Sunday night was only 4 nights away and such a big event in Buenos Aires where there will be tons of people and maestros watching, on top of that, the closing night of the festival with him being the closing maestro. And again, this was the great maestro, Carlos Copello. I was flattered that he would even think of me and my hands were already shaking. I wasn’t sure I had the confidence to do that, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to handle my nerves. But then, I really wanted an opportunity like this, this was something I’ve always been dreaming about. After calming my mind, I decided I’d take this opportunity on, with all the fright that was seizing me, I wanted to do this. I was going to do this.

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The Rojo Tango Show at the Faena Hotel


There are many great Tango shows all around Buenos Aires. There are just simply A LOT of tango shows here. It’s a bit hard to choose if you had only one night to see a Tango show. To be honest, some are not as good as others, but there are several that are my favorites. Amongst one of my all time favorites is the Rojo Tango Show at the Faena Hotel in Puerto Madero. I’ve seen the show about 4 times in the past 5 years and the quality of the show has always been great. There are shows that lose the quality when some of the dancers leave but that is the reality of the tango show business here.

Last week, we went to see the Rojo Tango show. We taxied over to the Faena Hotel which is a very high end, fancy and stylish hotel. Continue reading


Alberto Podesta, A Living Legend

with Alberto Podesta

with Alberto Podesta

Few days ago, Thursday, there was a big National Strike in Argentina over the high inflation. There was no transportation around the city. Some taxis going around but in general the city was very quiet all day. Even hospitals, regular businesses and schools had closed due to this strike. This kind of National Strike happens about once a year in Argentina. The shocking thing for some of the Tangueros was that even the “Viruta” Milonga finished about an hour early…! We made it only to hear the last two songs of the night when we arrived there after the “Royal Pigall” Milonga at El Beso.

Regardless of the strike, we had a magical night at the “Royal Pigall” milonga. We went there because the legendary singer Maestro Alberto Podesta was singing accompanied by Guitarist, Julian Hermida and singer, Ariel Ardit. What a grand night it was. Continue reading


Breath Taking Performance by Pancho Martinez Pey and Alejandra Gutty

I’ve seen many performances and beautiful amazing ones over the years that I’ve been dancing. Like pressing your finger into unbaked cookie dough, there’s some that really leave an indefinite impression in your memory. I remember the amazing dance that Geraldine Rojas & Javier Rodriguez danced in Sunderland one day in 2003. I remember, I was holding back tears of emotion watching them dance. Her sister, Samantha, was crying and I am sure there were others as well. Their connection and passion was so evident. They pulled in the audience to the point that the audience became a part of their dance. The performance finished with an instantaneous standing ovation. That was a dance that left me emotional that I would never forget the feeling that I got when I saw this particular performance.

This past Sunday, I would like to say that the cookie dough got another finger print. At “Viva La Pepa” Milonga, Pancho Marinez Pey and Alejandra Gutty performed. Continue reading


CITA Show and Performing to Sexteto Milonguero LIVE at Porteno y Bailarin!

There is a lot of activity in Buenos Aires with various festivals this time of year. There was the Misterio Tango Festival few weeks back, the Yeite Tango Festival last week (which unfortunately, due to my cold I missed out on the whole festival), and currently the CITA Tango Festival. These festivals have a big line up of masters teaching and performing which usually calls a lot of attention bringing visitors from other countries. The milongas here have been pretty packed this past month or so with these dancers.

The CITA festival is produced by Fabian Salas and this could be one of the longest running Tango festivals that Buenos Aires has. It is the 16th year this year. Back in the days before “youtube”, we would await for the CITA DVDs to come out on sale each year so we could study and learn from them. We would have CITA DVD viewing parties at someone’s house to practice some of the moves we would find. Times have changed!! Continue reading


“Teatro en la Oscuridad” Show at Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

The entrance to Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

The entrance to Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

Few nights ago, Denise and I decided to see Delia at her work place at the Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo. This is the house where Anibal Troilo was born 100 years ago. It’s currently used as a theater and cafe. Delia works at this theater for the “Teatro en la Oscuridad” shows which happens in the pitch dark. We went on the night of the “Un Viaje de Placer” which is a pirate themed show on Friday nights. There is also a tango themed one on Saturday which I still have to check out.

Delia and Pablo, the director of the show, greeted the guests in sailor outfits at the entrance. They were welcoming us on board to a ride on a cruise ship that is run by pirates. Once inside the courtyard, we were told to make a line, and hold the shoulder of the person in front of us. They were going to lead us into the pitch dark theater. As we walk through the curtains, we are led into complete darkness. When one of the senses are cut off, all the other senses become keenly alert. I can smell burnt wood and dust which reminded me of my grandparents’ house. We pass through another set of heavy curtains as we turn the corner, and you don’t know what to expect anymore. Continue reading


Tango Mas Tango!

Opening night of "Tango Mas Tango" Show

Opening night of “Tango Mas Tango” Show

1st day off from dancing in Caminito! I had lunch with Leo’s friends from San Juan who were in town for a day. We will be traveling to San Juan, Mendoza areas in March to teach and perform there, so he thought it was a good idea to meet them. We went to a vegetarian food place, so I had a whole wheat pasta dish with veggies & tofu, flavored in soy sauce. Not too bad. There seems to be quite a few vegetarian places around town, even though I will not give up my steak! 🙂 For those vegetarians interested in visiting Buenos Aires, that’s good news for you. You’ll find that there are enough vegetarian selections in this country known for its’ beef!

In the evening, I met up with Denise from Portland who lives in Buenos Aires now. She had tickets for the “Tango Mas Tango” Show directed and produced by ROBERTO ZUCCARINO & MAGDALENA VALDEZ. It was their debut of the show in the complex “Paseo La Plaza” sala “Pablo Picasso”. Continue reading