Sunderland Performance with Maestro Carlos Copello

After the intense La Virtuta, Misterio Tango Festival performance, Carlos Copello gave me some very special opportunities. Should I have known this was about to come around, I wouldn’t have believed it. But you know, sometimes you win the lottery in life. Sometimes, there are things in life that are incredibly and amazingly “Dreams coming true”. And sometimes, all of it comes at you, all at once.
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Performance at Salon Canning!

Friday was a long day! We worked all day in Caminito, even more, it was just us two dancing and no other folkloric dancers to switch out with…! We then had the performance at Salon Canning at night.

Salon Canning is perhaps one of the biggest milongas now. A prestigious milonga and we were honored to be performing there once again. We had performed there in October on a Monday night. Because of our busy schedule, we didn’t have any songs chosen until we were headed to Canning. Since we improvise our performances, we like to decide on the songs depending on how we feel that day.

All the continuous dancing of the week was taking a toll on my body. I could not feel my body and I felt strange during the day at Caminito. I was already nervous when I got to Canning. I had a bit of champagne to try to calm my nerves, but I felt strange and floaty. Continue reading