Breath Taking Performance by Pancho Martinez Pey and Alejandra Gutty

I’ve seen many performances and beautiful amazing ones over the years that I’ve been dancing. Like pressing your finger into unbaked cookie dough, there’s some that really leave an indefinite impression in your memory. I remember the amazing dance that Geraldine Rojas & Javier Rodriguez danced in Sunderland one day in 2003. I remember, I was holding back tears of emotion watching them dance. Her sister, Samantha, was crying and I am sure there were others as well. Their connection and passion was so evident. They pulled in the audience to the point that the audience became a part of their dance. The performance finished with an instantaneous standing ovation. That was a dance that left me emotional that I would never forget the feeling that I got when I saw this particular performance.

This past Sunday, I would like to say that the cookie dough got another finger print. At “Viva La Pepa” Milonga, Pancho Marinez Pey and Alejandra Gutty performed. Continue reading