“Fermin” The Movie, In Every Embrace There’s a Story And That’s What We Dance

“Those Arms embraced Tango. They embraced pain, repentance. Sometime soon they will embrace death. In every embrace there’s a story and that’s what we dance.” – Ciempiés in the Movie “Fermin”

The embrace is magical. A tango is more or less 3 minutes per song. We come together to embrace someone for 3 to 4 of these 3 minutes songs. To be able to embrace someone is a gift. We all come with different walks of life, some younger, some older, and from all around the world. When we embrace, we share a part of ourselves, our lives, and the stories we have lived. For the precious 3 minutes, we share “the moment”. The meeting of two people’s energies in an embrace, for me, is one of the most beautiful things in the world. If we are open to giving and receiving, the moment can be intense, the moment can be profound, the moment can be life changing, and it is magical. There are times, when the song comes to an end, and we linger… because we don’t want that moment to finish. And there! That is the beauty of tango, it does come to an end. For that reason, it’s important to be so fully present in the moment of the embrace. To embrace with everything you have, to give and then to be completely open to receiving from the other. The two energies flow and then merge. And once in a while, you encounter those unforgettable embraces, of a sensation of eternal connection. Where it feels like the drapes that cover the heart, sways open with the embrace, and the light comes flowing through to bring the inside and outside world together. Where the boundaries of yourself and the other doesn’t exist anymore, where everything in the room disappears and location and time doesn’t matter anymore, where everything else is forgotten and what is present is just simply that “moment”. That beautiful sensation of being “exactly and simply present” in complete unity. That is the magic of the embrace. That is the magic of tango. What a blessing and joy to be able to dance tango every single day. Sharing our embraces. Sharing our stories.

Yesterday I went to see the movie “Fermin” (aka “Glorias del Tango”) produced by Oliver Kolker. Continue reading