US Tango Championships, Congratulations to Nicholas Tapia and Steph Berg!

This past weekend the 2014 US Tango Championships was held in San Francisco. I could not be there to cheer for you all in person but I was surely there in spirit. I want to congratulate all of you for your dance, for your courage, and for sharing your passion. It was a tremendous experience for me last year, and I am more than enthusiastic to know that this year’s competition was another successful one with many more participants taking part of this great experience.

We all know that to be there on the competition floor doesn’t come over night. It comes from hours and hours of sweat, tears, and love. It takes a lot of courage to share your work being present on the dance floor. Because tango is a very subjective thing, results of the competitions are most likely not what you expect. It is not a competition, for example, where there are clear scores by a ball going into the goal or someone reaching the goal line, in Tango competitions, results could be quite unexpected.  Continue reading


Forever Tango Audition, a Dream to Dance on Stage

Forever Tango Audition

Without shame, I will admit that I went to the Forever Tango Audition this weekend. I know that my chances of them even remembering me with all the amazing applicants, is like close to 0%, but I went there just because: (1) it will be a great experience to know what a Tango audition is like (2) if you go on your own, you get to dance with someone from the company (3) it has always been my dream to do stage tango (4) and well, it’s always good to think that “You just never know”…

To exaggerate on my statement (4), I ended up living in Los Angeles because, in 2001 when I was about 9 months into salsa dancing, I saw a notice of an audition for the Salsa Brava Dance Company in Los Angeles. Continue reading