CITA Show and Performing to Sexteto Milonguero LIVE at Porteno y Bailarin!

There is a lot of activity in Buenos Aires with various festivals this time of year. There was the Misterio Tango Festival few weeks back, the Yeite Tango Festival last week (which unfortunately, due to my cold I missed out on the whole festival), and currently the CITA Tango Festival. These festivals have a big line up of masters teaching and performing which usually calls a lot of attention bringing visitors from other countries. The milongas here have been pretty packed this past month or so with these dancers.

The CITA festival is produced by Fabian Salas and this could be one of the longest running Tango festivals that Buenos Aires has. It is the 16th year this year. Back in the days before “youtube”, we would await for the CITA DVDs to come out on sale each year so we could study and learn from them. We would have CITA DVD viewing parties at someone’s house to practice some of the moves we would find. Times have changed!! Continue reading