Sunderland Performance with Maestro Carlos Copello

After the intense La Virtuta, Misterio Tango Festival performance, Carlos Copello gave me some very special opportunities. Should I have known this was about to come around, I wouldn’t have believed it. But you know, sometimes you win the lottery in life. Sometimes, there are things in life that are incredibly and amazingly “Dreams coming true”. And sometimes, all of it comes at you, all at once.
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“25 de Mayo” Celebration in Plaza de Mayo

Time flies when you’re busy! Thanks to all my friends who have started to worry about me since I haven’t been posting much recently. I am alive and doing well 🙂 The days have been completely full with taking a lot of classes for the past two months or so, rehearsing for the past few weeks, going out to the milongas few nights of the week, and then maybe some few outings with friends to get a bite of yummy stuff. I am currently focused on Tango Escenario and running around various studios to take advantage of the challenging yet exciting classes that are given out here. Continue reading