Sunderland Performance with Maestro Carlos Copello

After the intense La Virtuta, Misterio Tango Festival performance, Carlos Copello gave me some very special opportunities. Should I have known this was about to come around, I wouldn’t have believed it. But you know, sometimes you win the lottery in life. Sometimes, there are things in life that are incredibly and amazingly “Dreams coming true”. And sometimes, all of it comes at you, all at once.

If I could name a few milongas of Buenos Aires that I would dream to perform in a few years back, that would have been, Salon Canning, La Viruta, La Ideal, Sin Rumbo and Sunderland. I had the opportunity to dance in La Ideal with Laurent Lazure, with whom we won the US Championships in 2013 when we came to compete in the World Championships that year. The following year, I was blessed to dance twice in Salon Canning and once in the legendary Sin Rumbo with Leo Ortiz. This year, Carlos gave me the opportunity to perform not only in La Viruta for a closing of a big festival here but also at the Sunderland Club.

Sunderland is a very well known milonga for the passionate tangueros. This is where most of the top level dancers perform, and for many it is a status to perform here. The location is quite interesting being a big basketball court of a sports club located in Villa Urquiza which is known for its unique salon style. There has been milongas weekly held here for many decades. Many regulars dance here every week, and many legendary dancers used to dance here. This is also the milonga where I was in awe with one of my favorite female dancers when they performed before they left for one of their tours. I had seen many performances and danced some nights away but never did I imagine I could have the opportunity to perform here.

Above is a video of when I danced in Sunderland with the Maestro, Carlos Copello. Also with his lovely daughter Miriam who pulled her brother, Maxi, to share the group dance afterwards. What an honor to step on the Sunderland floor this way… what more can I ask for…!

Below another video of when I performed in Floreal Milonga with Carlos Copello.


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