Feeling right, letting go, and welcoming new changes! Feliz 2015!

obeliscoHappy New Year!

Another year is going by, seemingly quickly but yet filled with events that weren’t quite expected. This New Year’s eve was spent here in Buenos Aires, my second time here since 2003/2004 New Year’s. I vaguely remembered that there were lots of local fireworks in the neighborhood, unlike the organized fireworks in the US or the solemn countdown in Japan. Well, just like the other celebrations that I had experienced here for the soccer world cup semi-final and finals celebration or the 25 de Mayo celebration, you’d think you’re in some kind of war zone or ad mist a riot. Before 00:00 comes around, the anxious Argentineans started throwing their fireworks into the street with loud snapping and booming. After 00:00, the skies were filled with fireworks and it sounded just like a riot. Supposedly, the fireworks aren’t cheap, but they go up for at least half hour, probably close to an hour all over the place. The view from the higher apartment balcony was great. No one needs licenses to use these and kids can even buy them as well, quite a difference from the US where they are illegal. I found it amusing and yet it was refreshing to see the liberty that people were having to celebrate the New Year.

Personally, 2013 was a year of many changes, with lots of goodbyes and hellos. Continue reading