“25 de Mayo” Celebration in Plaza de Mayo

Time flies when you’re busy! Thanks to all my friends who have started to worry about me since I haven’t been posting much recently. I am alive and doing well ūüôā The days have been completely full with taking a lot of classes for the past two months or so, rehearsing for the past few weeks, going out to the milongas few nights of the week, and then maybe some few outings with friends to get a bite of yummy stuff. I am currently focused on Tango Escenario and running around various studios to take advantage of the challenging yet exciting classes that are given out here. I am also taking “Elongacion” classes few times a week to work on¬†my body¬†for both flexibility and strength. This is definitely helping keep my body in tune. It’s tough, I admit, and sometimes I really don’t want to go. But thank god for these¬†classes, it keeps pushing my limits, and occasionally¬†I encounter the days where I feel better than ever before. It seems like perseverance is key here. The other activity that is taking up many of the hours is that with a new partner we¬†have started to prepare a choreography with hopes to participate in the mundial this year.¬†The partnership being only¬†few weeks and with only 2 months and a half left,¬†it will be quite a challenge, but we are determined to make it happen!

Few days ago between our rehearsing, we stopped by the great celebration going on at the Plaza de Mayo in the centre of Buenos Aires for the “25 de Mayo”. The 25th of May¬†is¬†one of the most important days in Argentine history for the first significant step towards¬†the Argentine War for Independence in the year 1810. This was the first time I spent this day in Argentina which made¬†it quite an interesting experience, especially¬†since I was right there at Plaza de Mayo where they have the big “fiesta patria” celebration with concerts and performances which gets¬†broadcasted nationally. They celebrate this day eating the typical Argentine food: empanads, locro, tartas, pan rellenos, facturas, churros, pasta frola, pastelitos, fernet-coca and etc. I definitely went along with this and had an alfajor de dulce de leche with cafe cortado in the morning, empanada de carne with tarta de verdura and churros relleno for lunch, then sandwich de bondiola and a pastelito for dinner. With all the sugar and flour, my stomach needed some break the following day, but yummy¬†for a change!

The stage in the plaza kept going for hours with live performances by popular singers and artists.¬†They played national hits, cumbias, folklore and more. The crowd was loving it. At one point, the “Cumparsita” was being performed and my partner & I decided to dance in¬†the middle of the street which attracted¬†a crowd around us ending with some applauses. People with flags walking around. People selling food and drinks. People passing out political fliers. People eating and drinking.¬†The streets were littered with paper and trash, I wondered how they clean all of it up afterwards. If I didn’t know any better, I could mistake this event¬†for a strike. Just a week ago, I ended up walking through the obelisco area where the post-celebration of the soccer game was going on, the “River” team won. No transportation for blocks, with drunk & happy people in Red & White marching around shouting and singing. Although it was supposedly a celebration, I had to scurry through the streets feeling somewhat vulnerable with all the craziness of it. This also felt almost like a political strike with the loudness and energy around it. At least this time, I was more prepared for this Argentine way of celebration, although I still stuck close to my partner when we were walking through the crowd. After eating, walking and dancing around, we returned to the studio located only few blocks away from the plaza to rehearse a bit and by the time¬†I left to head home around midnight, the streets were already empty with workers cleaning the streets. The fiesta had ended. I got a glimpse of the Argentine patriotic celebration, or… this time,¬†I guess I was¬†right there amidst all of it!

IMG_6678IMG_6679 IMG_6682

With my sandwich de bondiola

With my sandwich de bondiola

Of course, Fernet & Coca, anywhere you go!

Of course, Fernet & Coca, anywhere you go!




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