US Tango Championships, Congratulations to Nicholas Tapia and Steph Berg!

This past weekend the 2014 US Tango Championships was held in San Francisco. I could not be there to cheer for you all in person but I was surely there in spirit. I want to congratulate all of you for your dance, for your courage, and for sharing your passion. It was a tremendous experience for me last year, and I am more than enthusiastic to know that this year’s competition was another successful one with many more participants taking part of this great experience.

We all know that to be there on the competition floor doesn’t come over night. It comes from hours and hours of sweat, tears, and love. It takes a lot of courage to share your work being present on the dance floor. Because tango is a very subjective thing, results of the competitions are most likely not what you expect. It is not a competition, for example, where there are clear scores by a ball going into the goal or someone reaching the goal line, in Tango competitions, results could be quite unexpected. There will always be discussion over the judging criteria. There will always be certain trends that will cater towards certain dancers to win the title. There could be discussion of potential politics even though people will try to avoid it and may not admit it.

What matters though is “taking part”. It’s really not about the scores or the ranking, of course, winning would be great, and many times the winners who win surely do deserve to win. But whether you are first or last, my belief is that there is so much you gain by just being a part of it. Competitions will allow you to have a focus that drives you to grow. It gives you many opportunities for discoveries, of yourself and many other things, that wouldn’t happen if you don’t choose to go through this process. It could open potential new paths that you may have never imagined. You get to meet new friends that share the same passion. Overall, it is such a beautiful and valuable experience that is sure to become a highlight in your life.

I hope for all that participated this year, you were able to feel this high and the joy of being the player on the actual field. I am sure those who were cheering on have gotten inspiration from those of you who were dancing. Thanks to Andrea and Gato for hosting this competition in the US. I hope the competitions will keep growing in the US bringing more dancers to Buenos Aires to experience the “Mundial” world championships. And for those, who didn’t win the title, and also those who were watching, you can still come here on your own to join in the fun out here. It’s a whole other experience, I assure that you won’t regret.

Currently, in Buenos Aires, there is the Stage Category Competition going on at the Fruto Dulce Milonga. Last month was the Salon Category, February was the Vals Category and January was the Milonga Category. Although it is a competition hosted by a milonga, the competition is quite popular with a lot of participants, viewers, and some great prizes from the sponsors. I am enjoying watching the various participants every week. Then, next week, the official Buenos Aires “Metropolitano” competition will start. This is pretty much like the US competition where the champions from this competition will go directly to the finals of the “Mundial”. It will be an exciting time around town and I will be looking forward to it.

Congratulations to all my friends from Los Angeles that competed this year, I was proud and happy to see you all on the competition floor. It is too bad the title went back to San Francisco, but I am sure it will be back to Los Angeles next year 😉 I would like to congratulate Nicholas Tapia and Steph Berg for becoming the new 2014 US Tango champions. You are both well deserved champions! I will be looking forward to seeing you both here when you arrive to represent the US in the Mundial! A new life is starting for you both…! 😉

Here is Laurent & I’s process of last year’s US Championships to the Mundial. This is how my current crazy journey of living in Buenos Aires began…!

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