Breath Taking Performance by Pancho Martinez Pey and Alejandra Gutty

I’ve seen many performances and beautiful amazing ones over the years that I’ve been dancing. Like pressing your finger into unbaked cookie dough, there’s some that really leave an indefinite impression in your memory. I remember the amazing dance that Geraldine Rojas & Javier Rodriguez danced in Sunderland one day in 2003. I remember, I was holding back tears of emotion watching them dance. Her sister, Samantha, was crying and I am sure there were others as well. Their connection and passion was so evident. They pulled in the audience to the point that the audience became a part of their dance. The performance finished with an instantaneous standing ovation. That was a dance that left me emotional that I would never forget the feeling that I got when I saw this particular performance.

This past Sunday, I would like to say that the cookie dough got another finger print. At “Viva La Pepa” Milonga, Pancho Marinez Pey and Alejandra Gutty performed. It is only recently that they had started dancing together. I saw one of their earlier performances in Sunderland and now a month or two later, this time, it completely took my breath away. I have seen Pancho perform with various partners since I met him in 2003, when he was already performing in milongas and on stage. Not just a performer, he is a true tanguero, amazing to dance with, and loved by many legendary milongueras. Alejandra Gutty, who I don’t know personally, has also been dancing for years. I am aware she is also a performer on stage and milongas, with background in folklore and other dance disciplines. She is highly reputable for her dancing in the social scene as well. Imagine what happens when these two who are true Tangueros/dancers/performers with such strong backgrounds come together and start performing…?

They take your breath away. That is what happened to me this past Sunday when I saw them dance together. It is so powerful when two individuals are not afraid to be complete and are open to each other’s conversation. They were both even more than present, radiating their joy and passion for the dance, they were not holding back. They were expressing fully, yet their energies seem to mesh and respond playfully, not taking away from one another, but adding on to each other to expand even more. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, waiting to see what was coming next. They were magnetizing and dynamic. I can still watch their video and I find myself breathless. Please take a look, imagine what it was like to see this in person…! Perhaps the cookie dough will have another finger print for you as well 🙂


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