“Teatro en la Oscuridad” Show at Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

The entrance to Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

The entrance to Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

Few nights ago, Denise and I decided to see Delia at her work place at the Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo. This is the house where Anibal Troilo was born 100 years ago. It’s currently used as a theater and cafe. Delia works at this theater for the “Teatro en la Oscuridad” shows which happens in the pitch dark. We went on the night of the “Un Viaje de Placer” which is a pirate themed show on Friday nights. There is also a tango themed one on Saturday which I still have to check out.

Delia and Pablo, the director of the show, greeted the guests in sailor outfits at the entrance. They were welcoming us on board to a ride on a cruise ship that is run by pirates. Once inside the courtyard, we were told to make a line, and hold the shoulder of the person in front of us. They were going to lead us into the pitch dark theater. As we walk through the curtains, we are led into complete darkness. When one of the senses are cut off, all the other senses become keenly alert. I can smell burnt wood and dust which reminded me of my grandparents’ house. We pass through another set of heavy curtains as we turn the corner, and you don’t know what to expect anymore. We are greeted with the sound of guitars playing inside, and someone else greeted us to lead us to our seats. We walk through a tight area, what was an aisle of chairs since I can feel my feet hitting metal, and arrived to our seats. We were actually the first ones to get in, so we had to wait until all the other guests were led in. I felt a bit uneasy as I tried to ease myself into sitting in complete pitch dark. You can’t tell whether your eyes are open or not, since it’s really the same. All you see is black. For a slight second I can feel my head ache as my senses were trying to understand what was going on, and it passed right away. Pablo had let us all know that if we were to feel uncomfortable we should close our eyes for awhile until we feel more calm, if we don’t they would gladly lead us out. As I open and close my eyes, my brain was searching in vain for a point of visual reference. I start to feel the chair under me, which is quite small. I’m shoulder to shoulder with Denise and the lady next to me. I can smell the perfume and cologne that people are wearing. The sound of the happy guitar was somewhat soothing as I can feel that my body was slightly tense with this discomfort. I chatted with Denise to feel a bit more comfortable as we waited until everyone filed in. I was curious and anxious for the show to begin.

The show started and sound effects, music, and acting surrounded us from all around the room. We had no idea what kind of room we were in. We had no idea how many people were in this show. The show was in Spanish, so it was slightly difficult to follow the story. Nonetheless, it kept me entertained. Since I had a long day working in Caminito, I imagined I might fall asleep in the dark, and especially with the fact that I didn’t understand what was going on. It was actually the opposite. My senses were all awake. The sound effects kept me wondering how they were created and where it was coming from. You’d hear the actors in one place, and then the next moment in another. You suddenly smell a whiff of something related to the story. You didn’t know what to expect. The guests were laughing, as it was a comical storyline. Thankfully, I understood just a few jokes and situations that I had a few opportunities to laugh along with them.

When the show came to a finish, the lights came on. Shocking! Visual sense coming back all at once kind of startles you. We were in a room that I hadn’t imagined. The actors and musicians are gone, so you had no idea who was there. All the sound effect equipments are also gone, and you have no idea how they were making all the sounds. All I can say is that it was a unique experience and quite fun regardless of my lack of Spanish comprehension! An experience definitely recommended for entertainment! Oh, and Delia looked cute in her sailor outfit 🙂

Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo at José A. Cabrera 2937

With Delia and Denise

With Delia and Denise and the cat

With Pablo

With Pablo

The members of the "Teatro en la Oscuridad"

The members of the “Teatro en la Oscuridad”


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