Stolen Choripan and the Characters in Caminito!

The other day my half eaten “Choripan”= an Argentine version of a hot dog, got stolen while I was dancing my fifteen minute set. I know my Choripan was still there after the 2nd song we danced because I was really wanting to eat the rest of it. After we finished our 5th song, I came back to the table where I left my Choripan on a paper napkin to find that it was completely gone…! Leo’s empanadas were still there on the table. Someone stole my Choripan!!!

You get a lot of interesting people and events that happen in Caminito. The events could be a normal daily life thing for a Caminito local, which could be kind of hilarious for a visitor. In front of our restaurant, there is the railroad track. There is a trash dump on our side of the track. On some of the days there are a bunch of people that are pushing/pulling carts with tons of trash on it, trying to roll it across the railroad tracks to get to the dump. It takes each person like 5 minutes to cross. The wheels of the carts keep getting stuck in the holes, then the trash falls off the cart. They pick up the trash and then continue struggling to try to get the carts to move. Sometimes they don’t move an inch and repeat this at least 5, 6 times. It’s kind of like watching comedy. Continue reading


Vals Competition at Fruto Dulce and an Entertaining Night at Club Gricel: Ricardo Marin

Lately, I haven’t been able to get out to the Milongas too often due to the work in Caminito. In order to get to Caminito at 10:30am, I get up at 8:30am and by the time midnight comes around I’m yawning. The typical Milonga life is usually, getting up around 2pm, getting to bed at 7am. So, it’s not exactly the life style that I expected…! I’m hoping I can get out to the Milongas a little bit more. I will need to figure something out…!

This weekend, I managed to go out on Saturday to Fruto Dulce to see the Vals category competition finals. Sunday night, I just could not move. Monday night, last night, I went to Gricel for the first time. The great thing about the Milongas here is that there are always good exhibitions going on, everywhere, almost every night. Continue reading


Variety of flavors at Quimbombo!

Our meal at Quimbobo

Our meal at Quimbobo

One of the things I really miss about Los Angeles is the variety of food we get there. When we decide to eat, we start with “What type of food do you want to eat? Japanese? Mexican? Italian? Thai? Indian?” and etc. It’s pretty normal to be able to enjoy cuisine from around the world. The great thing is, because of all the immigrants in the city, the food is pretty true to its origin. Here in Buenos Aires, it’s tough to find this variety. If you are willing to pay foreigner prices, you can get a bunch of hip and delicious restaurants in the Palermo area. If you are living here like a normal citizen, the variety stays pretty narrow if you want to eat out: Pasta, pizza, empanadas, fries and steak. This time around, I am trying to live my life more like a resident here, which could get tough sometimes. Other than the food that Delia and I cook at home, I’m lacking the assortment of flavors that I am accustomed to.

Sunday being the first day off, it’s really decompression day. Claudia and I decided to hang out and head out for some good food. We ended up going to Quimbombo which is located on Costa Rica 4562 at the Plaza in Palermo Soho. I’ve been staring at their menu for awhile now as I’ve passed it several times. Continue reading


“Teatro en la Oscuridad” Show at Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

The entrance to Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

The entrance to Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo

Few nights ago, Denise and I decided to see Delia at her work place at the Casa Natal de Anibal Troilo. This is the house where Anibal Troilo was born 100 years ago. It’s currently used as a theater and cafe. Delia works at this theater for the “Teatro en la Oscuridad” shows which happens in the pitch dark. We went on the night of the “Un Viaje de Placer” which is a pirate themed show on Friday nights. There is also a tango themed one on Saturday which I still have to check out.

Delia and Pablo, the director of the show, greeted the guests in sailor outfits at the entrance. They were welcoming us on board to a ride on a cruise ship that is run by pirates. Once inside the courtyard, we were told to make a line, and hold the shoulder of the person in front of us. They were going to lead us into the pitch dark theater. As we walk through the curtains, we are led into complete darkness. When one of the senses are cut off, all the other senses become keenly alert. I can smell burnt wood and dust which reminded me of my grandparents’ house. We pass through another set of heavy curtains as we turn the corner, and you don’t know what to expect anymore. Continue reading


Performance at Salon Canning!

Friday was a long day! We worked all day in Caminito, even more, it was just us two dancing and no other folkloric dancers to switch out with…! We then had the performance at Salon Canning at night.

Salon Canning is perhaps one of the biggest milongas now. A prestigious milonga and we were honored to be performing there once again. We had performed there in October on a Monday night. Because of our busy schedule, we didn’t have any songs chosen until we were headed to Canning. Since we improvise our performances, we like to decide on the songs depending on how we feel that day.

All the continuous dancing of the week was taking a toll on my body. I could not feel my body and I felt strange during the day at Caminito. I was already nervous when I got to Canning. I had a bit of champagne to try to calm my nerves, but I felt strange and floaty. Continue reading


Folkloric Fun: Chacarera, Zamba, Boleadora, Peña Folklorica

It has been a busy week. This is the first time we worked all 4 days (Wednesday through Saturday) at Caminito, the other weeks we had rain which allowed us to have a day or two off. On top of working 4 days straight, Thursday evening, I went to a Peña Folklorica. On Friday night, we performed at Salon Canning. On Saturday night, we headed out to Sunderland. Today, Sunday was a necessary day for recuperation.

Trying some Boleador

Trying some Boleadora. By the way, those Bolas really hurt…!

Working in Caminito is interesting since we also work with Folkloric dancers. Continue reading


Shoes that are actually comfortable! Viviana Barreiro Shoes

My first ever, pair of comfortable shoes, from Viviana Barreiro Shoes

My first ever, pair of comfortable shoes, were discovered at Viviana Barreiro Shoes

Once a week or so, I’ve started to do English conversation sessions with Viviana and Alejandra at “Viviana Barreiro Shoes” located in San Telmo at Independencia 389.  Today, I headed out there in the pouring rain taking the bus that I normally take to Caminito. San Telmo area is along the way on this bus route. On my days off from Caminito, this is one of the activities that I am now doing.

As some of you may know, I’ve had the worst feet problems for years. Tango shoes were always killing me. It was normal that I wear a pair of tango shoes and my feet are in pain within few minutes. I thought this was normal! Continue reading