Tango Mas Tango!

Opening night of "Tango Mas Tango" Show

Opening night of “Tango Mas Tango” Show

1st day off from dancing in Caminito! I had lunch with Leo’s friends from San Juan who were in town for a day. We will be traveling to San Juan, Mendoza areas in March to teach and perform there, so he thought it was a good idea to meet them. We went to a vegetarian food place, so I had a whole wheat pasta dish with veggies & tofu, flavored in soy sauce. Not too bad. There seems to be quite a few vegetarian places around town, even though I will not give up my steak! ūüôā For those vegetarians interested in visiting Buenos Aires, that’s good news for you. You’ll find that there are enough vegetarian selections in this country known for its’ beef!

In the evening, I met up with Denise from Portland who lives in Buenos Aires now. She had tickets for the “Tango Mas Tango” Show directed and produced by ROBERTO ZUCCARINO & MAGDALENA VALDEZ.¬†It was their debut of the show in the complex ‚ÄúPaseo La Plaza‚ÄĚ sala ‚ÄúPablo Picasso‚ÄĚ. ‚ÄúTango Mas Tango‚ÄĚ is a show that aims to overcome the partitions that revolve around the tango, to transform the stage in the dance floor, where the meeting takes place.¬†The challenge of bringing them to such intimacy, led us to convene these artists on stage, four dance couples, young people who have deployed our art around the world, four of them World Champions specializing in Tango Salon.¬†‚ÄúTango Mas Tango‚ÄĚ company is composed by Roberto Zuccarino & Magdalena Valdez, Sebasti√°n Ach√°val & Roxana Su√°rez, Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa, Sebastian Jimenez & Maria Ines Bogado, Dante Sanchez & Ines Muzzopappa.¬†Generation is enhanced by the voice talent and music youngest citizens, Nayla Danchuk, of only 17 years old, Argentine Talent finalist competition, accompanied by none other than the Voice of the Tango, Hernan Frizzera, representative of our tango in Buenos Aires and the best places in the world.¬†Completing these figures with the stage presence of the Quintet Tango + Tango, with the musical direction of Ariel Pirotti.¬†A cast capable of displaying their art with special delicacy. Art that will not reproduce the visible, but will make visible the intangible of this meeting this.¬†As we arrived there, many of the renowned dancers were there chatting outside the entrance, obviously with the amazing line-up of this show. We went in exchanging a lot of “hellos”. The show started and the orchestra came on stage, and I realized the violinist was Mayumi Urgino. She is from San Francisco that moved to Buenos Aires and now playing all around the country with various orchestras. She is another highly successful US tanguera that now resides in Buenos Aires. Go Mayumi! The show was amazing, singers were amazing, and of course the dancers were amazing! Each and every one of them did beautiful choreographies, based on their high level of salon technique, and addition of more stage related expressions and movements. I studied with detail in their movements and what I might be able to incorporate. They gave me a good guideline in what I should look for to be able to perform with that perfect balance of salon technique and stage presence. How inspiring!

After the show, we headed to Salon Canning for the Monday night milonga. We find out that the air conditioner is broken. Yikes. That’s the condition around town recently, no electricity, gas, and AC in some cases. Thankfully, our seat was where the fan blows. The place was packed and the room was heated. I danced quite a lot on heat swollen feet, and by 3am I was ready to go home. My stomach was not feeling too great.

The night was rough. My stomach was completely irritated and I was going back and forth from the bedroom to bathroom. I’m not sure whether it is the food, the weather change or the bug that I had in Los Angeles. I was completely dehydrated and exhausted when morning came around. It was probably my body just saying “Halt!”, as my mind was wanting to do everything right away here in Buenos Aires. My bad habit of overdoing things. So my 2nd day off from dancing in Caminito, ended up being not as interesting. I went to the Chinese medicinal institute for an acupuncture treatment. Highly recommended! I was told not to drink cold drinks, eat raw foods and ice cream ūüė¶ for a week. I slept early and took the day off from Caminito. Not a good idea to dance in the sun when I’m already partially dehydrated and lacking energy. Thankfully, today, I’m eating and drinking. I’ll be taking a class later with Leo, and just maybe, if I’m feeling alright, a bit of milonga time. But I need to make sure I’m good to go to work in Caminito tomorrow…!

"Tango Mas Tango" Show was a great success with standing ovation

“Tango Mas Tango” Show was a great success with standing ovation


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