One of those days… ending up in Arepas!

Fooling Around at La Bachita

Fooling Around at La Bachita

Since we practiced pretty hard yesterday, I woke up today with my body aching all over. It was one of those days where your body feels like it’s carrying tons of weight and all the muscles in the body feel like it’s been covered in thick plaster. I can also feel the humidity in the air. I knew it was going to be a long day in Caminito.

I wake up at 8:30am to get ready, do my make-up, do my hair. Hop on the “colectivo” or “bondi”, the bus, at around 10am to get to Caminito around 11am. We start dancing about 11:15am-ish. The sun is hitting really hard at this hour. I’ve turned at least 5 shades darker now over the past 2 weeks of working here, my shoulders are much darker than my face. The sun is too bright for Tangueros. Continue reading


Partnering and practicing

Naomi Leo at Floreal MilongaOn our days off from Caminito, we get together to practice.

Practicing, calibrating and building a new partnership is always an interesting journey. We have a lot to learn about each other, how we think, how we function, how we view tango, how we dance, how we like to practice, and how we can work together. It requires a lot of patience and listening to each other, while trying to communicate our own views.

There’s a lot of things that need to be discussed. Continue reading


Performing at Plaza Dorrego Milonga in San Telmo!

Our encore Milonga number.

On Sunday evenings at the main plaza in San Telmo, there is a milonga hosted by El Indio. It’s an outdoor milonga that’s open to the public. It’s set-up with Linoleum sheets that are rolled onto the ground over tiled pavement, some colorful lights and voila! The floor is not the best to dance on but it’s a nice milonga to be at on a summer evening with fresh nighttime air. You can get some drinks and snacks at the nearby Chinese market, or bring your own, and have a casual night of tango.

Leo and I had our first performance here yesterday. The performance usually happens somewhere around 8:30pm – 9:30pm. We arrived there at 8:30pm and got dressed in the bathroom of one of the cafes in the square. (I advise, if you don’t need to use the bathroom here, then don’t, make sure to use one before you get here.) We really didn’t get to rehearse that day as we were planning to, so we basically arrived, changed, tested the floor, and we went right into performing. We danced to Cachirulo, El Panuelito, Pena Mulata, and an encore song to Milonga Brava. I know it was not perfect at all, but all in all, it was a lot of fun! Continue reading


Sunday Brunch at “Oui Oui”!

Huevos Completo at "Oui Oui"

Huevos Completo at “Oui Oui”

Buenos Aires has cooled down quite a bit. After the thunder and rain, the temperature has dropped down more or less 20-30 degrees fareheit…! Because of the rain, we had a day off from Caminito which was nice since we got to rehearse and spend the time on other necessary things. Quite a change from non-stop sweating to leather jackets in a matter of few days…!

Today, we had a nice lunch with some of the American Tangueras in Palermo Hollywood. Palermo Hollywood is kind of the more upscale area with the fancier restaurants. It’s nice to have some gourmet food outings, especially as a foodie that I am. As much as I love Argentinean food, I miss the variety that I used to get in Los Angeles. We decided to check out “Oui Oui” for Brunch located on Nicaragua 6068 and 6099. We were enticed by a photo of Eggs Benedict that we saw for the restaurant and came there. Continue reading


Tips & Contributions

The dog who tried to steal our tips

The dog who tried to steal our tips. By the way, he is wearing clothes…!

Another hot, hot, hot, hot, hot… day in Caminito. I’ve recovered from my stomach thing, thanks to Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and my roommate Delia for making me ravioli when I thought I didn’t have anymore appetite. We find out that actually, the folkloric dancers at Piccola, also had the same stomach issue during the days we had off… So that explains the cause. It was the tap water that we were drinking while we were working there, and it wasn’t just a little, we had a ton of it during those 2 hot days. Today, I got bottled water and “jugo exprimido” (fresh squeezed orange juice) from the stand. No more iced water that I thought was filtered water hahaha.

The theme that came up for me at Caminito today was about “tipping”. Being foreigners, we have no idea what would be the appropriate amount of “tips/contribution” you may want to give to performers. Continue reading


Tango Mas Tango!

Opening night of "Tango Mas Tango" Show

Opening night of “Tango Mas Tango” Show

1st day off from dancing in Caminito! I had lunch with Leo’s friends from San Juan who were in town for a day. We will be traveling to San Juan, Mendoza areas in March to teach and perform there, so he thought it was a good idea to meet them. We went to a vegetarian food place, so I had a whole wheat pasta dish with veggies & tofu, flavored in soy sauce. Not too bad. There seems to be quite a few vegetarian places around town, even though I will not give up my steak! 🙂 For those vegetarians interested in visiting Buenos Aires, that’s good news for you. You’ll find that there are enough vegetarian selections in this country known for its’ beef!

In the evening, I met up with Denise from Portland who lives in Buenos Aires now. She had tickets for the “Tango Mas Tango” Show directed and produced by ROBERTO ZUCCARINO & MAGDALENA VALDEZ. It was their debut of the show in the complex “Paseo La Plaza” sala “Pablo Picasso”. Continue reading


Long day~

I went to bed with extreme exhaustion of both body and mind. It’s been 3 and a half days since I arrived to Buenos Aires, and my schedule has been packed even though my room is not quite unpacked. A lot of excitement but suddenly the exhaustion has hit me. Psychological, mental (for trying to listen to and speak Spanish all day long), and physical (alternating hours and long hot hours at Caminito). Continue reading